We have been here since Thursday. The weather for our last day cruising was grey and damp. We set off about 9ish and were back here by noon. We spent the afternoon making the security bars for the windows. We want them to be a deterrent but not to be to obtrusive, so we made

Wolverly Court Lock

A thick mist had descended over the river during the night and, as the sun rose, it looked really great in the sunshine. We gave up any thought of going back into the shops and, after breakfast, set off back up to Stourport. It was fairly chilly but a really great morning to be on

Worcester (Racecourse moorings)

The morning was spent shopping in Worcester. The idea was to try and get some Christmas presents, but we weren’t very successful! We came back to the boat for lunch and decided that a second foray into the shops wasnt likely to be any more fruitful. So instead we moved down onto the Severn and

Diglis basin

A cold grey morning to start with, but we were away by 8:00. In Vines Park there are several swing bridges across the canal. The locking mechanisms could do with a bit of maintenance as they can be very difficult to open. One of them is across the “Barge Lock”. This is a flood lock

Netherwich Basin

Another cold but bright morning. We set off just after 8:00. Andrew & Sheila came down to help work us through the staircase locks and we set off down river. We arrived at the newly restored Hawford Junction at 11 o’clock. It was great to be at last cruising the water that we had long

Stourport basin

The weather looked good when we awoke, so we decided to have a cup of tea and set off in case it turned worse later on. A good trip down to Kidderminster, with a cold wind blowing but the sun shining. At Sainsbury’s we stopped to do the food shopping for the week. Then had


Our summer trip was cut short as we had to get back here to get the clutch fixed on the car. We had to miss out the Droitwich canals. Maybe that was a good move as it seems that in late July almost every boat in the midlands was heading for the new opened Droitwich


A really lovely day weather wise, much better than we had expected. It was clear blue skies and bright sunshine almost all day. We set off around 9:00 and went straight down Bratch. I had a long chat with one of the lockies who was furious about the situation with the BW directors awarding themselves

Below Awbridge lock

It rained heavily in the night, but the sky was fairly clear by daybreak. We had a lazy start with tea in bed at 7:30. I got up at 8:00 to do a few chores around the boat whilst the others got dressed, showered etc. We left the mooring at around 9:00. As we hadn’t

Home mooring

Picked up Teresa and Lins then, after a slow journey up the M5, arrived about 6 o’clock. We unloaded most of the stuff (it’s quicker with four) then settled down for the evening. I had been delegated to provide the evening meal and thought that I had it all in hand. Everything was OK until