Netherwich Basin

Another cold but bright morning. We set off just after 8:00. Andrew & Sheila came down to help work us through the staircase locks and we set off down river.
We arrived at the newly restored Hawford Junction at 11 o’clock. It was great to be at last cruising the water that we had long been crossing on the A449 bridge as we drove to and fro over the last three years.

We found the paddle gear was in excellent condition, but the gates were very heavy and needed a great deal of effort to move. We needed to find a place to stop for breakfast, but the sides are very shallow of covered by high reeds. We did eventually find a spot just above lock 3.
Progress was slow as the canal is very shallow in places, but we were enjoying the chance of cruising some new waters. I had heard that friends Andrew & Wendy Dyke ( were likely to be in the Droitwich area. So, as we were doing lock 7 I sent a text to Andrew. A few minutes later we see Wendy walking down the towpath. They were just a few yards ahead at lock 8! I walked up to lock 8 while Wendy jumped on with Heddi and hitched a ride. Andrew was fishing in the lock for a lost water can that had been knocked off of Lord Toulouse on a previous visit. They didnt find it. We were introduced to Roger & Margret Millin who I knew virtually, but hadn’t met before. Andrew & Wendy then drove back to Droitwich and Roger & Margret travelled with us on JH.
We all met in the pub for a few drinks and a natter. We spent the night moored up in Netherwich basin.

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