Flying Visit

Not staying overnight, just a quick visit to make sure that all is OK in the current cold weather. It was back November when we were last here and I set the background heater on quite low. So I have turned it up a bit to deal with the winter temperatures. The canal is frozen,

Going nowhere

Friday 27th We thought that we would have a weekend onboard to make sure everything was OK, do a bit of winter preparation, and also fit in some Christmas shopping. About 6 o’clock on Friday we arrived to a very cold, and slightly damp, boat. I lit the fire, turned on the central heating and

Home mooring

Had breakfast, turned the boat and used the DIY pumpout machine, then turned again and headed back up the S & W all before 8:30! Got back to Roundhill Wharf packed up and left about midday.

Stourport Basin

As we wanted to be away fairly early on Friday morning we moved up into the basin during the morning. Then after lunch we went for a walk over Hartlebury Common. We set off down the riverside path then croosed over the A4025 onto the common. Each time we venture onto the common we seem

Stourport on the river

We left Worcester after breakfast and arrived at Stourport about midday. After a bit of shopping and a light lunch we walked to Bewdley along the riverside path. It’s a lovely walk of about four miles. The weather was perfect, so warm in fact that we needed an ice cream when we arrived in Bewdley.

Still in Worcester

Shopping again today to buy the things that we saw on the exploratory trip yesterday. Walked to Cafe Rouge for a meal in the evening, paid for with Tesco vouchers. There were only about half a dozen tables occupied, and all the ones that we saw pay also used Tesco vouchers. Good old Tesco!


Just after eight o’clock we left Pratts wharf and headed for Stourport. As we approached York St lock two boats pulled out in front of us. One of them then proceded to wind just above the lock. We had to wait while he winded, then wait to go down the lock behind him. It would

Pratts Wharf

Another lateish rise and breakfast, then pottering about doing some odd jobs. About 10:30 we wandered up to the caravan site for a cup of tea with T & L. They were getting ready to pack up as they were heading to Cheltenham for a craft fair. After tea and goodbyes we went back to

Back to Wolverley

A late rise, then Tres & Lins joined us for a leisurely breakfast at around ten. We needed to turn the boat around as we were going to Worcester later in the week. The weather looked OK so we thought that we would go for a short cruise up to Whittington Horse bridge and back.


We had arranged to meet Teresa & Lindsay at Wolverley. They are staying in the nearby caravan park for the weekend. Unfortunately the M5 was even more clogged up and slower than usual so it was rather late by the time we arrived in Kidderminster. I had worked out that we needed to leave the