Still here

This morning I fitted a new leisure battery, supplied by the very helpful people at Bristol Batteries. It took me nearly two hours as the access is difficult working down in the engine ‘ole. We have three leisure batteries but the one that needed replacing was the most difficult to get at. It entailed removing

Splatt Bridge

We moved down to Splatt bridge during the morning as we had arranged to meet all the family there for barbecue in the afternoon. Nik, Paul & Izzy arrived first shortly followed by the Davies’s and great grandad. On the way down to Frampton we saw a group of cygnets riding on mum’s back. We


An early start at 6:15! Josh stayed in bed until about 8:30. To start with the weather wasn’t too bad, but it got worse. As we were coming down river to Worcester it was very cold and raining hard. We stopped at Worcester for a cooked breakfast and I lit the fire to warm the

Wolverley Court Lock

We picked up grandson Josh then drove in two cars to Frampton on Severn, left one car there and continued on to Kinver. Unloaded as quickly as we could and set off. The idea was to get as far as we could tonight as we wanted to do the whole Severn run from Stourport to

Maintenance backlog

It isn’t just BW who have a maintenance backlog, we have one too. I keep a list on board of all the various little jobs that need doing. So this weekend was dedicated to crossing some of them off the list. First I decided that the still leaking calorifier needed to be completely taken out