Splatt Bridge

We moved down to Splatt bridge during the morning as we had arranged to meet all the family there for barbecue in the afternoon. Nik, Paul & Izzy arrived first shortly followed by the Davies’s and great grandad.

On the way down to Frampton we saw a group of cygnets riding on mum’s back. We were to become very familiar with this little family by the end of the week.

The weather was good and it’s a great spot for a gathering as there is plenty of room and it’s not so busy with walkers, cyclists etc.

The new barbecue worked well and everone had a great time. The two little girls in particular really enjoyed themselves. After everyone had left we had a quiet evening to ourselves. It would be almost a week before that happened again as we had arranged a succession of visitors.

3 generations! Isnt she gorgeous!

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