An early start at 6:15! Josh stayed in bed until about 8:30. To start with the weather wasn’t too bad, but it got worse. As we were coming down river to Worcester it was very cold and raining hard.
We stopped at Worcester for a cooked breakfast and I lit the fire to warm the boat up and dry us out. As the afternoon wore on the weather improved, and by the time we arrived at Gloucester lock at about 6 o’clock it had stopped raining and warmed up a bit. I went to call the lock keeper and discovered that my phone, which had been in my pocket, had been ruined by the rainwater that had filled my pocket!
We had to wait for the lock as they were operating restricted hours due to the low river levels. We stopped at the new Sainsbury’s to get some food for the barbecue on Sunday. By the time we had finished shopping it was after 19:00 so the bridge keepers were off duty, but we found a mooring just up from Hempstead bridge.
Josh found the trip down river rather boring as there isnt anything to do.

A bored & Grumpy Josh
A bored & Grumpy Josh

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