Bridge 130

For the past three days we have been at the Cutweb rally. Much chatting, drinking and eating was enjoyed by all.   At about 7:30 this morning we started untangling JH from the other boats. We had already agreed with Brian on Harnser ( that we would go with them at eight o’clock to share

Blue Lias, Long Itchington

Our usual early morning start and a very pleasant run down the rest of the Napton flight. I think it must me pensioner’s week for the hire companies. All the hire boats we met had more ‘mature’ people on board. I suppose that the rates go down after the school holidays. As we approached Calcutt

Elkington’s lock

We are on our way the the Cutweb rally at Long Itchington. As we wanted to wash the side of the boat (covered in spider’s web!) we went just outside the marine and up one lock. The water level was quite low when we moored up, but after we have done the washing and had