Kidderminster to Saul III

Away at abut 8:00, the weather not so good, a bit cold and we had to put waterproofs on for a while. By the time we got to Gloucester the sun had come out but there was a cold wind blowing. We had planned to have breakfast on the finger pontoons in the docks, but

Kidderminster to Saul II

Woke up to a nice bright, sunny morning and set off just before 8:00. The trip down to Worcester was uneventful, very little boat traffic about. We shared Holt lock with a small cruiser and passed one narrowboat going up but that was all. We stopped at Worcester for breakfast at about 12ish (it’s our

Kidderminster to Saul I

We left home in two cars, picking up friends Teresa & Lindsay on the way and headed for Saul. I had arranged with the Saul mooring organiser to leave one car on the site over the weekend. However when we got there I could find no CCT people around. So we found a safe looking