Kidderminster to Saul I

We left home in two cars, picking up friends Teresa & Lindsay on the way and headed for Saul. I had arranged with the Saul mooring organiser to leave one car on the site over the weekend. However when we got there I could find no CCT people around. So we found a safe looking corner and left it there.
Drove on up the M5 to Kidderminster.
Loaded up and away by 18:30. A gentle chug down to Stourport, through the basins, down the staircases and out onto the river. The visitor moorings were occupied by one large GRP cruiser moored right in the middle with not enough room either side for us. I tentitavely asked if they could move up a little for us, and they were very obliging, but it took a while as they were tied up with nine (yes nine, I counted them) ropes! We tied up ‘Just Heaven’, which was twice as long and weighed considerably more, with just two ropes. We were entertained by a river cruise trip boat going up and down with the disco music playing and coloured lights flashing, but only about half a dozen people on board!

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