Woke up to light drizzly rain, which lasted until about 10 o’clock. So we had a leisurely breakfast waiting for the weather to improve. Eventually we dropped down Avon lock and out onto the Severn. An uneventful trip up to Worcester where we are moored in our usual spot just upstream of the rowing clubs.


It’s our 38th Wedding Anniversary! We moored up at the recreation ground in Pershore for a bit of shopping and breakfast. Andrew & Wendy Dyke were there with Lord Toulouse. They were waiting for someone to come and replace the alternator after it been pouring out smoke on the way down from Evesham. They are

Wyre Lock

A great trip down the Avon. Weather was good and most of the locks were in our favour. A brief stop for lunch at Offenham (George BIllington)  lock, and then on to moor for the night at Wyre lock. We moored against the lock island in the weir stream. There are picnic benches where we


As we still had another day to catch up on the schedule we left early, before 7 o’clock. Another lovely warm sunny day took us down to Stratford. Again the were lots of boats about, and again we got into a queue at locks. Firstly behind a boat full of teenagers on an ‘experience’ weekend.


The river had changed completely, smooth and as flat as a millpond. We were away by 6:20. We weren’t the only early birds as we shared Strensham lock with another narrowboat, but they were only aiming for Tewkesbury. We made good progress and got to Tewsesbury by 9:30. When we got there the BP boat

Still at Pershore

Overnight the river rose more and was now in the red on the gauge. Teresa & Lindsay needed to be at Tewkesbury by early afternoon. It looked very unlikely that we would be able to make that so, reluctantly they ordered a taxi to pick them up at noon. Meanwhile we took a walk up


It had rained heavily during the night and the sky was grey & foreboding so we set off around eight o’clock. The aim was to get to pershore for the night. On the way up we had seen good moorings at Pershore Recreation Ground so that’s where we were heading for . By the time

Bidford on Avon

We were awoken in the night by some loud young men from a boat about 100yds away who were swimming across the river at 4:30 in the morning! A lazy start today. We got up and went for a walk along the riverside to the bridge below Colin P. Witter lock and back up through

Stratford Upon Avon

For almost ten years now Teresa has wanted to arrive in Stratford by boat, well at last we have achieved it! Though it was after a fairly hectic day. We started early and moved up to Evesham lock by about 8:20. The lock is keeper operated and doesnt open until 9:00, so we had our


The sky was clear and blue as we set off for our first trip up the Avon. After about an hour we met our first Avon lock at Strensham. The approach was a little odd with a swing footbridge across the entrance. We also had to get used to the fast flowing weir currents and