Fame at last

Fame at last, Granny Buttons just mentioned this blog. (http://www.grannybuttons.com/granny_buttons/2008/09/just-heaven.html) Thanks Andrew! John Slee (NB Epiphany) added a comment saying I don’t have an RSS feed. Oh yes I do! Its here

No water !

Got up, had showers, went to make a cup of tea, no water! The pump wasnt running so it seemed like an electrical fault. I checked things over, there was power to the pump, so it looked like a pump problem. After removing the pump it became clear that the presure switch had gone open

Going nowhere

Awoke to a gloriously sunny day, so we had a lazy breakfast then set about various jobs onboard. I cut the perspex for the hatch cover. Then drilled and fitted it with the four bolts to keep it in place. meanwhile Heddi did the brasses. We had lunch sat out on the pontoon in the

Empty Stourbridge canal

Another bright sunny morning. We left just before 9:00 and cruised up to the visitor mooring at Stewponey . After a good healthy fried breakfast we went for a walk up from Stourton junction onto the Stourbridge canal. It looked really odd with no water in it. We were hoping to view the breach ,

Kinver (blockages & breakages)

We awoke to clear, bright skies so we got away earlyish just after 8:00. We hadn’t planned to go far, but thought we’d get going while the weather was good. As we were going through Wolverly it became clear that the loo was blocked/jammed ! We have a Techma ‘vacu-flush’ which was niether vacuuming nor


Just a weekend criuse with friends Jan & Mike. After an awful drive up the M5 with slow moving queues in very heavy rain we arrived just before seven o’clock. If the weather had been better, and we had been on time, we would have cruised to just outside the town for the night. But