Kinver (blockages & breakages)

We awoke to clear, bright skies so we got away earlyish just after 8:00. We hadn’t planned to go far, but thought we’d get going while the weather was good.

As we were going through Wolverly it became clear that the loo was blocked/jammed ! We have a Techma ‘vacu-flush’ which was niether vacuuming nor flushing. The red light came on to indicate that the tank was nearly full, so I hoped that a pumpout at Kinver would cure the problem. Though I didnt really think that it would, since we had previously used it after the red light had come on with no problem. We stopped for breakfast at Cookley. Mike and I visited a field, but the girls werent happy with the privacy that afforded. Jan went up into the village to see what conveniences were on offer, but came back empty handed, or rather cross-legged. Eventually the girls settled on a solution that involved a bucket!

The weather by now was really warm and sunny, and after breakfast we carried on to Kinver.

We used the BW self pumpout machine, but the loo was still blocked. After a closer investigation I decided the only course of action was to take it out and have a look. So while the girls went into the town to check out the eating places, Mike and I removed the toilet and dismantled it on a bench by the BW sani-station. We eventually found a piece of tissue jamming the impellor. We put it back together and it all worked perfectly.

We set off to go up to Stourton Jcn, turn round and come back to Kinver vistor moorings for the evening. We hadn’t gone 200 yds when the thottle cable snapped !

We were alongside the permanent moorings so couldnt get to the towpath. With the help of a boater on NB “Helen” we pulled JH back into an empty mooring belonging to NB “Jessie May”. Luckily the owners were friends of the guy from “Helen” and he knew they wouldnt need the mooring until the next day.

We rang Limekiln Chandlers in Stourport and they agreed to bring a replacement cable out to us at 4:30. So while we were waiting we sat in the garden of “The Vine” in the glorious sunshine with a beer.

Dave from Limekiln duly arrived and by 6 o’clock the new cable was fitted. We sat on the towpath and enjoyed a glass of bubbly in the sunshine.

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