Nikki, Paul and their girls arrived after lunch and we winded and headed down towards Sharpness. We found a mooring just before the bend round into the marina moorings. Just as with Liz and her girls, much fun was had throwing stones down into the squelchy mud by the old lock. Back to the boat

Splatt Bridge

Just a couple of miles today. After breakfast we moved over to the other side to top up the water, which took ages due to the slow tap. Then we made our way slowly up to Splatt bridge so that we are ready for Nikki, Paul and their girls tomorrow. Just to strech our legs

Patch Bridge

We had agreed to meet Liz and her girls at Patch and then go down to the Wildlife & Wetlands Trust. So we set off at about 8:30, but the bridge keeper told us that there is a ‘school embargo’ on opening Fretherne bridge until 9 o’clock. This meant a very slow chug for half

Still at Saul

We haven’t moved today as we have friends Jim & Mo visiting this evening. So today was spent chilling out and going for walks. The walks took us along parts of the Stroudwater canal that are soon to be restored.


Only about 2 miles by boat today, but further on foot and by car. After breakfast we took the Smart and drove to Dursley (actually Cam) to Tesco to top up with food as we have various visitors coming this week. Then a short chug up to Saul, stopping off on the way at “Joe’s

Splatt Bridge

Just a slow chug down to Sharpness and back today. After breakfast we tootled down to moor up between the old railway bridge and the marina. We took a walk out to the old Severn lock and back we had lunch then slowly chugged back to Splatt bridge where we had left the cars on

Patch Bridge

Only a slow chug of 10 miles today. We had breakfast then set off. It was fairly cold with a chilly wind blowing, though about two miles of fishermen were braving the cold to setup prior to a match. At Splatt bridge we moored up to take a walk into tne village to buy milk

Hempstead Bridge

Today was spent mostly going down the Severn. Below Worcester the river isn’t very interesting, with high banks you dont have much of a view. However the grandchildren enjoyed spotting the british bird life and the wide river gave them the opportunity to have a go at steering. At Upper Lode lock we had to


We have been on the boat several times over the winter, but this is the first time we have actually been anywhere. We started out in three cars, left two of them at Frampton on Severn, then carried on in one car to the marina at Droitwich. For this trip we have daughter Liz and