On the Buses

The problem we had was that we, and the boat, were in Kinver and the car was in Kidderminster. We had consulted the bus timetable for the 580 service to Kidderminster, but we were a little confused as to where we needed to catch the bus. It was further confused because the route had recently

Kinver mooring

Only a short day today, so a lateish start for us at around nine o’clock. We hadn’t been going long when, just after bridge 43, we noticed a large Sainsbury’s store. It looked fairly new, but I don’t know how we had missed it on the way up. It will prove very useful as it

Bottom of Bratch Locks

Another day that started off cold but warmed up later. By the time we got to Bratch it was gorgeous sunshine. We stopped off at Compton to top up with diesel and gas at Limekiln and visit the charity shop and Daisy freezer centre. The afternoon was fairly quiet with very few boats on the

Below Boggs Lock

The morning started bright & sunny so we made an earlish start at around 8:00. Even though it was sunny it was still very cold, especially on the exposed section between Coven and Hatherton.  Quite a few boats about today, though we didnt have to queue at all, just occasionally wait for a boat already


It was really cold this morning, but the sun came out this afternoon and it has warmed up a bit. We had been moored up for a while when an old working boat came past very quickly and very fast. We rocked about so much that things fell off of shelves and out of cupboards.

Kinver – New Mooring

We are moored up on our new mooring at Kinver. We won it in a BW auction. Ours is the last one before Hyde Lock. It’s much quieter and more pleasant here than in Kidderminster, but not so convenient for the shops. Last night was spent at the old mooring, and then this morning I