Whitley Lock

After a wonderful weekend at the wedding we set off back for home. The Naburn lock keeper told us to be there at 9:30 so we left York at about 7:45. He warned us that, because it was a high spring tide, it would be fast, and getting into Selby lock might be tricky. We

Doing the tourist bit

We have been here three days now and have done the National Railway museum, the Norvik centre, walked around the city walls etc. On Wednesday we entertained on board the prospective bride, groom & bridesmaid. Last night we went out for a meal with Matt, Ally, Tres & Lins. All the others are arriving for


Just a short cruise of about 5 miles up from Naburn. We arrived in York at 10:30 and moored just upstream of Lendal Bridge . The weather has changed now that we’re here. A really heavy storm on our arrival, and several smaller once since. We’ll be doing the tourist stuff for the next few

Naburn Lock

When we booked in with the lockie yesterday he said the the tide would right for out exit our onto the Ouse at 2:00. He said that he would be along at 1:30 to have a chat with us. So we spent the morning doing a bit of shopping and I had a problem at