Stourport – on the river

Left about 8:00 and arrived in Worcester just after 12 for lunch. We moored up just above the rowing clubs at an ideal spot for next week, when we are coming back for Worcester races. We left agin to carry on up river at 12:55. 3 hours and 10 mins later arrived in Stourport and


We walked back into the docks in the morning and met Teresa (who was queueing to see Gok Wan !). We wandered round to the area by the lock and found Jim with his cannon. He was all dressed up in authentic clothing of the era. We got a text from Nikki to say that

Hempstead (again)

Another gloriously sunny day. We moved back up to Hempstead as we knew there would be no space in the docks, but we wanted to be within walking distance. In the morning we walked into town and had a look around the new Gloucester Quays “designer outlet” shopping centre. Heddi spent quite a while choosing


Sister in law Pauline was due to visit for lunch. As she would be coming via Gloucester and we would also be heading that way on Friday we decided go part way to meet her today, so we went up to Parkend bridge. Pauline arrived mid morning and we took her on a short trip

Splatt Bridge (again)

Back up to Splatt bridge as we had planned a a barbecue with Teresa and Lins in the evening and it was a much more suitable mooring. On the way back up the canal we saw a duck-like bird that we didnt recognise. Smaller than a mallard and a sort of mottled greyish brown. We

Patch Bridge (again)

We had arranged to meet friends Mo & Jim in the evening at the Tudor Arms Slimbridge so we did a gentle chug back down to Patch bridge. This time we moored on the Sharpness side of the bridge where access is easier. We saw two goosanders on the canal, never seen a goosander before.

Splatt Bridge

We decided that, being a bank holiday, today could be busier than yesterday so moved up to Splatt bridge near Frampton on Severn where it was much quieter and there was a good mooring with plenty of space on the grass for barbeques etc. About 11:00 daughter Nikki, son in law Paul and grandaughter Izzy

Patch Bridge

Moved down from Hempstead to here in the morning, arrived to find only one vacant mooring. It’s not ideal for our planned family barbeque, but it will have to do. Daughter Liz, son in law Simon, grandchildren Josh, Becca, William, Leo & Jess and father in law John all arrived at about 1:30 for the

Hempstead bridge

For some reason we both had a sleepless night, so we decided to get up early, have a shower in the BW sani station and then set off about 7:00. Down through the two staircases and out onto the river. We were a bit early at Lincomb lock as the lockie doesnt start until 8:00.

Stourport Basin

Left home in two cars, left one at Slimbridge and then on up to Kidderminster. Unloaded and went to start the engine, turned over OK, but wouldn’t fire. I suspected that the cylinder glow plugs were not coming on. A poke about in the engine to tighten up some wiring and bingo, we were off.