Mending Leaks

Not going anywhere, just here for a few days doing odd jobs. After quite a lot of fuss and upheaval involving the plumbling under the bed, I managed to drain the calorifier. Then I cut back the insulation and found where the water was seeping out through the seam between the top dome and the


The original plan from yesterday was to drive home this morning and come back next weekend to move the boat back to Kidderminster. However upon waking up this morning we realised that the ice had all gone, so we decided to chug back to the mooring and then walk back to get the car! On

toing & froing!

Cold overnight and more snow meant we awoke to a frozen canal. We debated what to do, either try to get back to the mooring in the snow or leave the boat where it was and come back next weekend to retrieve it. We decided to try to get back to the mooring. The ice