Roundhill Wharf

A late start around nine o’clock as we didnt have far to go. We stopped at Wolverley for breakfast and then went for a walk from Wolverley Forge bridge, across the river and some fields & woods to come out on “The Shortyard”. From there down through the village and out along the footpath that


The original idea for today was to cruise up to Aldersley junction, turn and then call in at Limekiln Chandlery in Compton for diesel, a bottle of gas and a pumpout. First thing in the morning the red light for the holding tank came on to indicate that it was full. This meant we definately

Top of Bratch Locks

A lazy start today, we had a cup of tea in bed at eight and didnt get going until just gone nine. The weather was grey and overcast with occasional drizzle on and off all day. We were hoping for a barbeque tonight and had planned on stopping at the picnic site at the bottom


Here for the weekend with friends Teresa & Lindsay. We arrived in Kidderminster about fiveish, unloaded, topped up the water and chugged for an hour or so to Wolverley. The plan was to have a meal and then go for a walk around the village, but by the time we had eaten it was getting

Back to Kidderminster

The rain had stopped for part of the night, but then started again heavily around 6:00. I was a little conerned that the river levels would come up too much and we wouldnt be able to get back. This part of the severn often becomes un-navigable after several days of heavy rain around the headwaters

Worcester – The Races

We woke up early, around fiveish. It had been raining most of the night and was getting harder. We decided to make an early start and be at Lincomb lock at 8:00 when it opened. Anyone in Stourport that morning could have witnessed a succession of four people, only partially clad in an assortment of

Stourport basin

Arrived in Kidderminster at about 13:30 with friends Jan & Mike after being stuck in traffic on the A449 for quite a while. The plan for the weekend was to go down to Worcester for Ladies Day at the races. We were due to meet various other friends there who would be coming by car.

Roundhill Wharf

It took just two hours to get back to our home mooring. Another super day weatherwise, but unfortunately it’s time to go home. Back in 4 days though. The wretched ducks had been active and made a mess all over the pontoon again. We had to spend 20min cleaning it all off before we could