Home mooring

Up early and away in order to get back in time to drive home today. It has been cold and misty with hardly any boats about. We only passed three all day. Heddi got off at Broadmoor lock and walked along the towpath to the village to get the car, while I took the boat

Napton lock 11

Quite a hectic day today. We left home at about 7:00am. The plan was to drive to Cropredy marina,leave our car there and walk to Williamscot to catch the bus. It normally takes us about 1hr50min to drive to the marina. The bus timetable said 9:27 at Williamscot. So that should have given us about


We have left the boat at the boatyard and caught two buses back to Williamscot, then walked the two miles back to Cropredy Marina to pick up the car. We have to do it all again in reverse when we pick the boat back up again!  


A pleasant chug across the Oxford summit, down Napton locks and along to Braunston. We decided to stop here so that we could go to the pub for our meal tonight. We usually eat on board, but as we have to leave the boat at the dry dock and take everything with us on the