Black Buoy Cruising Club

Now moored up on the Grand Union at Black Buoy Cruising Club( The very friendly folk here have agreed to look after JH for us for a week. We heard this morning that our mooring at Cropredy won’t now be available until August 31st. So we have had to change our plans a little.

Dickens Heath

Hot day today! though it didnt start out that way. We woke early so decided to get going and were on our way by 7:00. It was grey and overcast. A pleasant cruise round to Windmill end and then through Netherton tunnel. We chose to take the Old Main Line route into Birmingham rather than


As we still had another day to catch up on the schedule we left early, before 7 o’clock. Another lovely warm sunny day took us down to Stratford. Again the were lots of boats about, and again we got into a queue at locks. Firstly behind a boat full of teenagers on an ‘experience’ weekend.


Another long day today, 10 miles an 28 locks. A really good boating day, lovely warm sunshine and lots of boats about with people to natter to at locks. Again we set off fairly early and reached Lapworth top lock at around 10ish. There was a queue of three boats ahead of us. The boat


A lovely warm day today. Surprisingly few boats about. The sky was clear and bright so we made a start before seven o’clock. There was a bit of panic when we got to Netherton tunnel. Our tunnel light didn’t work! Normally Heddi steers in tunnels. She doesn’t like tunnels much and finds that concentrating on