A lovely warm day today. Surprisingly few boats about. The sky was clear and bright so we made a start before seven o’clock. There was a bit of panic when we got to Netherton tunnel. Our tunnel light didn’t work! Normally Heddi steers in tunnels. She doesn’t like tunnels much and finds that concentrating on steering takes her mind of it. But this time as she couldn’t see a thing a bit of panic set in. So I steered whilst she held two torches at the front. Eventually my eys got used to the dark and we got through OK. Then on along the new main line into central Birmingham, where we had a rather late breakfast moored by the Sea Life centre.

We had planned to go shopping in Kidderminster yesterday for food, but obviously that was not possible. This meant we needed to find a supermarket. I remembered that a new Sainsbury’s had been built somewhere near the canal in Selly Oak. It took us a while to find it. The variuos towpath walkers we asked didnt seem to know. So, after stocking up we set off again. The original plan was to stop as soon as safe after King’s Norton junction. But, as we wanted to make up extra time to sort out the car problem, we went on to just after Shirley lift bridge.

It was a lovely evening so we had a barbecue.

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