Fradley Junction

An uneventful day. We set off at 8:00, dropped down the last two Atherstone locks then chugged the long pound past Polesworth, Alvecoteand Amington to reach Glascote locks. We had hardly seen any boats all morning, but now found ourselves third in a queue for tne locks. These are very slow to fill so it

Below Atherstone lock 9

The weather forecast for the week speaks of much colder. So we thought that we would get going early in case we need to do short days later. The water was topped up, then round the junction and onto tne Coventry canal. Again the wind was cold and today the sun didn’t come out. It


The last boat yesterday was down, so we thought the locks would be in our favour this morning. But while we were having breakfast at 6:45 a boat came up behind us. So we had to follow them all the way up. They were very slow and even though we had to turn each lock,


An easy day today, only four locks. I was surprised by how much new housing has been built alongside the Coventry on the Fradley to Fazeley stretch. A small queue built up at Glascote Locks and we followed a slow boat for a while, so it was nearly 3:30 by the time we stopped just

Fradley Junction

Another really warm day today. As usual we were on our way by 7:30, dropped through Haywood lock and Colwich lock then on to the long pound through Rugeley and Armitage. Quite a few boats about, but almost all private ones, very few hire boats. A trip to Morrisons in Rugeley then on to Fradley.


As we need to be back home by Thursday we had decided to make an early start. As I was untying at just after 7:00 Graham from Jannock popped his head out and said that Neil & Linda on Earnest (yes that one, not the other one) had already left about half an hour ago.


We set off early again in good weather. The plan today is to get to the Cutweb rally site at Alvecote marina. The rally proper doesnt start until Saturday, but usually people turn up on Friday or Thursday. There was the usual chaos at Fradley with boats coming out of the Coventry to turn down


A long day today. We were out of bed by 6:20 and on the move before dawn at 6:35. The weather forecast wasn’t good, but it wasn’t raining so we thought we’d get going while it was dry. I was glad we had got across the Trent yesterday as this morning it was in the