Fradley Junction

An uneventful day. We set off at 8:00, dropped down the last two Atherstone locks then chugged the long pound past Polesworth, Alvecoteand Amington to reach Glascote locks. We had hardly seen any boats all morning, but now found ourselves third in a queue for tne locks.
These are very slow to fill so it was 40 minutes later that we emerged at tne bottom.
The sun was still shining weakly, but the cold wind was making itself felt!
Fradley junction was reached at about four o’clock and we moored up on the Coventry by the water point. To warm up we took a brisk walk around the nature reserve pool. As we were within hosepipe reach the water was topped up before settling down by the fire for the evening.

View of The Swan in the evening

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