Home mooring

We left at about 8:30. It’s usually around 3 hours from Kinver to our home mooring and we wanted to be away home soon after twelve. However things didnt work out quite the way we had planned. When we got to the first lock, Whittington lock, we were third in a queue to go down.


We were lying in bed at ten to eight when a boat went past. I looked out of the window and saw Terry & Chris going past on Arun, so we decided to get up and set off with the chance that we might meet up with them later. We were away by 8:15 and


Up just after seven ready for an earlyish departure. We had told Angela & Mike on Levick that we would be away by 8:30 as they also wanted to be gone by then. We were now moored outside of them after the various boat manouverings following the pumpout & diesel servicing on Sunday afternoon. In

Stafford Boat Club

We arrived here on Friday morning. Andrew the harbourmaster had spent hours over his intricate mooring plan, which was throw into confusion by the lack of water. Because the levels were really low the deep draughted boats couldn’t moor up close to the side, so they were re-arranged to be on the outside. Also some

Tixall Wide

As is my usual I was awake soon after six. I stuck my head out of the hatch and saw the steerer of the coal butty walking along the towpath. We thought that this may mean they are early risers too and we needed to be away before them! So we showered and got dressed

Coven Heath

A rather frustrating day today with much queueing, but with lots of opportunity to chat with other boaters. The day started off OK with good weather so we made an earlyish start at seven thirty. All was going well until just after the Bratch. The queues were begining to build up at each lock. We


We are on our way to the Cutweb GIG at Stafford Boat Club. We need to be there by Lunchtime on Friday. That gives us three days, which should be OK. Arrived in Kidderminster about one o’clock, but by the time we had loaded everything up, chugged round to Sainsbury’s and done the week’s shopping

Home mooring

Back to Kidderminster, then Paul, Nikki & Izzy left at about 9:30 as Nikki had a ‘Hen Party Day’ at “Go Ape” in the Forest of Dean. We decided to stay for the rest of the day and go back tomorrow. We spent the time doing jobs around the boat, popping down to the caravan

Wolverley Court Lock

The best day weatherwise so far this trip. As we didnt need to be back in Kidderminster until Sunday morning today was going to be a relaxing day. We went down as far as Kinver and stopped on the visitor’s mooring below the lock. We were lucky, there was only room left for one boat.