13 miles, 7 locks. Again the weather forecast said rain all day, we woke up to rain but it more or less stopped for the rest of the day except a bit of drizzle at times. All the locks were in our favour until we reached Compton lock at about 2:00. We had lunch then


The morning started off much like yesterday, cold & wet. Our Eberspacher isn’t working at the moment, so to warm up I lit the fire at about 10 o’clock. There was a break in the rain, and the sky looked to be clearing, so we set off. But the break didnt last long. It was

Tixall Wide

8 miles, 3 locks The weather forecast was right today. It was on/off drizzley raind until midday, then rained hard all day. We set off at 8:15 and arrived in Tixall wide at 11:30. We have stayed here all day looking at the rain, the wind and the geese!

Carr House Bridge

7.5 miles, 10 locks The weather forecast for today was heavy rain until mid afternoon. So initially we decided to stay put until the rain eased off. But by about 9:30 the sky was clearing and the rain had stopped, so we set off. The weather forecast was wrong – no more rain all day.

Near Hem Heath

13 miles, 17 locks. A long day today. We had planned a short day. The intention was to overnight in Hanley Park. There are good moorings there and it’s very attractive. But I read some online reports of moorers who have had trouble overnight from local teenagers. So we made a brief stop for lunch

Hazelhurst Aqueduct

We had previously decided to go up the Caldon canal. It was over 15 years ago that we last did it and, as we are now moving the boat south, it’s unlikely that we’ll be this way again. Unfortunately C&RT have closed the further end because of low water levels. At one point the Candon

Westport lake

Another 7:50 start. Much busier with boats today. The water levels were still down, but not enough to cause problems. We were booked to go through Harecastle tunnel at 14:00 tomorrow, but arrived early at 11:30 today. The keepers said that there were four boats coming through tne other way and we could go about

Above Pierpoint locks

A day of not enough water! We set off at 7:50 and were soon up through the 3 Middlewich locks, and on round to Kings lock. From there on the water levels were gradually dropping. Just after Wheelock it was down over a foot. We had thought of stopping for the night, but we were


We are moving the boat from Oakwood marina to Droitwich. We have loved it at Oakwood, but the travelling up and down the M5/M6 has got too much. Yesterday we drove up to Droitwich marina and spent the night on The Bath Tub, thanks to Simon & Karen. This morning we got an Uber to