Droitwich marina

An early start, away by 7:30, the weather was sunny and warm after the night’s heavy rain. We didn’t meet any boats until the Otherton flight, then we passed three. One was a hire boat with a crew who clearly hadn’t been trained well by the hire company. Back to the marina at about 1


The plan was to start off early and get to Hempstead bridge about 8 o’clock as they come on duty, then make an early start up the river. The plan was foiled on two counts. Firstly we didn’t get out of bed on time! Secondly Llanthony bridge doesn’t open until 9:00 to allow all the

North of Parkend bridge

We had left the boat at Splatt for a few days whilst we went down to Devon in Bertie our campervan. This morning we returned with Sue and Tom. They gave us a lift back as we are going back up tne Severn tomorrow and our car is already at Droitwich. After coffees & teas

Splatt Bridge

Only a couple of miles today. After breakfast we walked via the fields to Frampton to the village shop to get some stuff for tomorrow’s lunch. Back to the boat for lunch. In the afternoon a really strong wind blew up, but we needed to get to Splatt to pick up Theresa tomorrow. So we

Saul – via Patch

Another day of entertaining guests. Steve and Lori arrived just after eleven. After a cup of tea we winded and set off back towards Sharpness. The weather today is not as good as recently, but not the rain that was forecast. We found a mooring spot just past Patch Bridge and stopped for lunch. On


Jan and Mike arrived just after 10. We moved over to the water point and had tea/coffee while the tank filled. Then a slow tootle up to moor up between Fretherne bridge and Sandfield bridge. We opened our very generous birthday presents from J&M and enjoyed a glass of Prosecco before walking to the pub

Splatt bridge

12 miles 9 bridges : We usually moor on the Sharpness side of Splatt bridge, but today we are on the Gloucester side. Heddi’s sister Caroline and husband Stuart arrived just before 11 o’clock. We took them for a ride down to Sharpness, where we had lunch sat outside in the sunshine. Then we returned

Splatt bridge

Only a short trip down to Splatt bridge, pack up then off home for a few days. Now back after a day loading and uploading the washing machine, a funeral and Heddi’s birthday! We are back here on the G&S for a week of entertaining more guests. Tomorrow we have Heddi’s sister Caroline and husband


We all walked back to The Splatt, via various footpaths, to get Paul’s car. Paul, Izzie & Roxie came back by car, Heddi, Nikki and I walked back along the towpath. Lunch of bacon rolls was much appreciated then we waved our guests goodbye. Shortly after Rob called to say he was on his way


Such a contrast in the weather. We awoke to grey skies and rain. After breakfast we debated whether to wait to see if the rain cleared or not, but decided to just get wet and go for it. By the time we arrived at Saul the rain had stopped. As it was a Bank holiday