Home Mooring

I spent most of the day trying to sort out two problems. The first was why the new two-stage charger wasnt working. I concluded that it was broke! The second was trying to find the source of the water that accumulates up under the foredeck. For at least 6 months we have been getting water


As we were in no hurry to return to Kidderminster we decided to go for a longish (~6 miles ) walk before breakfast. The route was to take us via the Hyde, through Chase Wood, past Stourton Hall Farm, through the woods in Hampton valley to Gothersley farm and back along the tpwpath. We have

Hyde Lock

A few boats about today, but not as many as yesterday. It was strange doing the Bratch locks all on our own with no lock keeper, no gongoozlers and no other boats. The weather was a bit warmer, but still cloudy. We noticed lots of Little Grebes on the canal today. We saw four in


Woke up to a bright morning with a greater spotted woodpecker drumming away on a tree just across the cut. Of course by the time I’d got the camera he flown away 🙁 We didnt see any moving boats yesterday but we passed four before 10 o’clock today. It was about 12:30 when we arrived

Marsh Lock, Swindon

Arrived last night to find that the trickle charger hadn’t been working properly so the batteries were flat again. It appears not to be producing any output so i suppose I’ll have to send it back. We set off about 9 o’clock. We indend to take a couple of days going up to Compton to