Woke up to a bright morning with a greater spotted woodpecker drumming away on a tree just across the cut. Of course by the time I’d got the camera he flown away 🙁

We didnt see any moving boats yesterday but we passed four before 10 o’clock today. It was about 12:30 when we arrived at Limekiln only to be told that their canalside fuel pump was broken. I explained about our running out of diesel so they offered to use the other pump and put some in a jerry can for me. This we did and put in 20 litres.

We carried on the couple of miles up to Oxley Marine intending to fill up there. Oxley Marine dont take cards, only cash, so we had another 40 litres, turned round and headed back down to Limekiln. Here we used the jerry can again to put in another 30 litres, and filled up the jerry can we had borrowed from the boater.

So with the original 20 litres from the boater, 50 from Limekiln and 40 from Oxley we had put in 110 litres. We hadnt quite filled the tank up, but it probably holds 120 max, not the 180 stated in the manual!

That still meant there was 40L unaccounted for. There were only three options; it had leaked out (not likely as it would be clearly seen); it was stolen (also not likely from our secure moorings), or the Eberspacher had used a lot more than I had expected.

We spent the night on the vistor’s mooring below Compton Bridge (No. 59) after doing some shopping at the excelent Daisy freezer centre.

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