Dry dock days 6 & 7

The Epimastic needs at least 48 hours from the final coat before immersion, so we have no more painting to do. On Saturday we drove down to Bristol to see Heddi’s dad in hospital. Then back again in the evening. On Sunday we went for a walk around Hartlebury Common then, in the afternoon, moved

Dry dock days 3 & 4

Working with a whole tin in one session meant that we were taking nearly the whole 4 hours workable time to complete the task. So we decided to only mix half a can at a time and to the second coat in two goes, one per day. So on Wednesday we did just one side

Dry dock day 2

Today we put the first coat on one side and part of the other side. We are using a two part epoxy product called “Epimastic”. The two parts have to be mixed before use, then there is about 4 hours of working time before it begins to set. This means that we cant stop until

In the dry dock

We were up fairly early as they re-fill the dry dock at 8:00, were were told to be ready to go in by 9:00. We moved round to the pontoon above the first staircase to await instructions. There was a bit of boat shuffling as two have to come out and two go in. Also

Stourport Basin

We drove up in two cars yesterday, left one at Stourport then went on to Kinver. We are booked into the dry dock at Stourport next week. We didn’t want to be stuck there without a car as Heddi’s dad is in hospital and we wanted to be able to go back to Bristol if