Dry dock day 2

Today we put the first coat on one side and part of the other side. We are using a two part epoxy product called “Epimastic”. The two parts have to be mixed before use, then there is about 4 hours of working time before it begins to set. This means that we cant stop until a whole batch has been used up as any left in the tin wont be any good the next day.


Most of the paint is put on with a roller, the edges and fiddly bits with a brush. We started with an ordinary roller, but the epoxy product was dissolving the hairy bits of the roller! I went over the Limekiln chandlers and they told me that you need special rollers, which luckily they stocked, so a bought a couple.

We were glad to be able to go back to Andrew & Sheila’s in the evenings to get away from the smell of paint and the noise of the fun fair which is alongside the dry dock.

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