We are moving the boat from Oakwood marina to Droitwich. We have loved it at Oakwood, but the travelling up and down the M5/M6 has got too much.

Yesterday we drove up to Droitwich marina and spent the night on The Bath Tub, thanks to Simon & Karen. This morning we got an Uber to the railway station and via two changes and three trains arrived at Northwich station just after 1:30. Despite trying three times we couldn’t get another Uber, luckily a ‘normal’ taxi dropped off a passenger at the station and agreed to take us to Oakwood.

We had arranged for an ASDA delivery between 2:00 and 4:00. With the delay caused by the nonexistent Uber we thought we might miss it, but tne van arrived about 10mins after we did.

With the shopping all loaded on board we set off just after 3 o’clock. A suitable mooring was found just above Big Lock. We ate a Mexican meal drom Asda, had a glass of wine and collapsed in bed.

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