Kidderminster to Saul III

Away at abut 8:00, the weather not so good, a bit cold and we had to put waterproofs on for a while. By the time we got to Gloucester the sun had come out but there was a cold wind blowing.
We had planned to have breakfast on the finger pontoons in the docks, but there was no room. So we went under Llanthony Bridge and onto Llanthony pontoons where we first did a pumpout and water and then had breakfast. The pumpout machine says that you get 8 minutes, you dont it’s more like 18, so you dont need to rush.
As we came under the new swing bridge we could hear the warning sounds going and saw the barriers come down on the road. It seemed a bit odd as we couldn’t see why. Then we rounded the corner to be faced with the Oliver Cromwell paddle steamer coming toward us! At first I thought that we should pull over to the bank, but in fact she negotiated round the bend and past us with ease.
We were soon at Saul. We found our allocated mooring spot and tied up. Spent a little time cleaning up, carried our stuff to the car, which was still there safe & sound, and headed back home.
We’ll be back on Thursday for the duration of the festival. If you have cause to go to the Information Desk during the festival and there’s a guy there in a green tee shirt who clearly doesnt know what he’s doing, it could be me !

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