It rained quite a bit in the night and the morning started off very cloudy. We were in no real hurry to get back but thought that the weather might get worse so set off around 9:00. Quite a pleasant trip, though a bit cold, until we got  to just short of Kidderminster then it started to rain.

We stopped briefly at Sainsbury’s for supplies, when we set off again the rain got harder. By the time we were through the lock it was tipping down!

When approching our mooring from the north it’s not possible to go in bow first which is the way I prefer to leave it, so we have to turn round. At first we would go down through Caldwall lock and wind in the wide space above Falling Sands lock, but recently we have winded in the space near Tesco and reversed back the 200yds or so. Having done it several times now we are geeting quite good at it. We do it as a team effort, Heddi does the tiller and I do the throttle & bow thruster (I know, I know ….). This morning’s attempt was in the pouring rain and cold wind, but we didnt do to badly.

We had lunch on board, tidied up and secured the boat and then off home down the M5 in so much spray you couldn’t see a thing !

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