Lovely day again today, cool going along but wonderfully warm in the sunshine. Before we left Tixall at 11:30 I drilled out and re-tapped the screw holes for the pumpout fitting. It had been leaking (rainwater in, not ‘contents’ out!) and needed resealing but the brass fixing screws sheared off when I tried to remove it. Heddi touched up the paint below the gunnells.

Lots of this stuff around at the waters edge, the flowers are very attractive. Is it some sort of Rheum or Gunnera?

We met up with Andrew & Sheila from Uncle Mort at Acton Trussell. We sat out on the towpath supping wine & beer and nattering for a couple of hours. The conversation ranged over slow cookers, ducklings, amorous horses and much else! It was really warm & comfy there and we didnt want to leave but set off for Penkridge at 3:45. We topped up the water and are now moored by br 85 in lovely evening sunshine.

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