No name place!

I normally title each entry with where we are, but I dont think here has a name. We are in the middle of nowhere on the Bridgwater canal about halfway between the Runcorn arm junction and the Daresbury Laboratory.

This is our first cruise in over 6 months. We wouldn’t normally go this long, but the Covid-19 retrictions have prevented us staying onboard. Boats are linked in with second homes in the regulations, even though we would be completely isolated on board.
As we didn’t want to come in contact with too many people we headed north as there is only one stop lock for miles.
After passing though the three tunnels, Barnton, Saltersford and Preston Brook we turned down the Runcorn arm as we hadn’t been that way before. The canal itself was pleasant enough, but Runcorn was a bit of a disappointment. We had though of spending the night there, but changed our minds and came back up tne arm onto tne main line.

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