Ince Moss

We made an early start, just after 6:30. It was a bit misty first thing, but the sun soon got up and it’s been very hot – in the mid twenties.

A fairly uneventful trip along the Bridgewater canal into Manchester, then out along tne Leigh branch. For a while we we following a very slow boat which is a bit frustrating, even more so as he had pulled out in front of us. After about an our they winded and went back. The Leeds and Liverpool canal Leigh branch goes on a high embankment across an area of previous mine workings. The land either side has subsided and flooded making large lakes. At about one o’clock we moored up beside Ince Moss.

We shal

Ince Moss

We shall stay here tonight. Tomorrow we have 20+ locks to do, so we wont be going far but it’ll be a long day!

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