Near Sellars Bridge

A great trip down the Severn today. We set off just before 8:00 to arrive at Diglis locks just after the lock keeper came on duty.

The river was very calm, flat almost mirror like. With all the trees fresh in leaf it was very attractive.


There have been very few boats about, we only passed one narrowboat on the river.

A Upper Lode lock the lockie told us that there was a high tide soon and advised us to wait for it to pass on the pontoons at Haw Bridge. So we stopped there for lunch and to clean the boat.

There has been lots of wildlife on the river, Canada geese, greylag geese, mallards, mandarin ducks, swans, a greenshank, cormorants, sand martins and a kingfisher.

Shortly after arriving in Gloucester there was a terrific rain storm. It was just as we were approching Hempstead bridge, but had slowed down by the time the bridge keeper had to venture out.

The weather didnt improve much and we stopped early just before Sellars bridge. It was luck we did as it then rained for the rest of the evening.

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