Netherwich Basin

Another cold but bright morning. We set off just after 8:00. Andrew & Sheila came down to help work us through the staircase locks and we set off down river. We arrived at the newly restored Hawford Junction at 11 o’clock. It was great to be at last cruising the water that we had long


Woke up to light drizzly rain, which lasted until about 10 o’clock. So we had a leisurely breakfast waiting for the weather to improve. Eventually we dropped down Avon lock and out onto the Severn. An uneventful trip up to Worcester where we are moored in our usual spot just upstream of the rowing clubs.


A long and tiring day today. We called Gloucester lock and asked to be locked down at 8:00. Because of the current low-water restrictions we had to wait until 8:45 in case any other boats wanted to go as well. There were a few other boats about, but no-one had appeared by 8:40 so we

Hempstead Bridge

An early start, we were on our way by 6:15. Becca was still in bed until we got to Stourport. On the Severn it was windy and rather chilly, but an uneventful cruise down. We stopped briefly at Worcester for a cooked breakfast and to top up the water. The stretch of Severn from Worcester


The river had changed completely, smooth and as flat as a millpond. We were away by 6:20. We weren’t the only early birds as we shared Strensham lock with another narrowboat, but they were only aiming for Tewkesbury. We made good progress and got to Tewsesbury by 9:30. When we got there the BP boat


We had arranged to pick up Teresa & Lindsay at Tewkesbury Marina at about 17:30.  As that should only have been about 6.5 hours cruising we had a late start and did a few jobs and washed one side of the boat before setting off at 10 o’clock. The weather was good and it we

Hampstall Inn

I spent most of yesterday afternoon installing a new calorifier. The previous repair had lasted about a month, but then it started leaking somewhere else so we decided it wasn’t worth trying to repair it again. I bought a new one from Surejust who were extremely helpful and patient with my many queries. The install

Falling Sands lock

As we only needed to get to Stourport today we had a leisurely start and set off just after nine. The weather had changed overnight and it was much cooler than the previous days. A quiet, uneventful run up to the Hampstall Inn at Astley Burf. The pub has recently put in excellent new moorings.


Up earlyish and had breakfast before 8:00 so we could be ready when the bridgekeeper came on duty. Heddi walked to Sainsbury’s to get a few things and I followed with the boat after the bridge had opened. We called the lock keeper who said that we may have to wait as they had some


An early start at 6:15! Josh stayed in bed until about 8:30. To start with the weather wasn’t too bad, but it got worse. As we were coming down river to Worcester it was very cold and raining hard. We stopped at Worcester for a cooked breakfast and I lit the fire to warm the