This is the new C&RT logo launched today:

Chosen, aparently, becauseĀ  they are “repositioning the charity for wellbeing”. What utter gibberish. C&RT have completely lost sight of the fact that their primary role is that of a navigation authority, not a health promoter.

We got up early and spent another hour or so with T-Cut, elbow grease and polish to try to minimise the scratch marks made yesterday. Then we were off just after 8 o’clock. The first lock, Culham , was on “self service” and took almost 20 minutes to fill. There is a sign there to tell boaters it takes a long time!

We had planned to stop for water at Cleeve lock but there was already a queue of two boats waiting for water so we pressed on as we weren’t desperate.

It was cold this morning only 13Ā° and didn’t really warm up until mid afternoon. We were aiming to stop around Mapledurham, but the forecast for tomorrow isn’t too good so a decision was made to head for Sonning and a mooring we have used before. It’s at the bottom of Uri Geller’s garden, or at least it was, we have heard that he may have sold the property. It is just a few yards below Sonning lock.

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