Back up the river II


Glorious weather, sun shone all day.
Progress was slowish, we were only doing about 3.4mph most of the time, down to 2.8 where the current was strongest.
It was a good thing that we had gone in at Ashleworth as there wasnt any room at either Haw Bridge or the pub at Apperley.

Breakfast at Upton. At first we thought that there was nowhere to moor, but then I saw I slot on the end of the floating mooring big enough to get most of the boat onto. It was a bit tricky getting in with the strong current and I had to come up alongside a really smart boat (which the owner was polishing!) and slot into the hole, but, though I say it myself, I did it perfectly! Breakfast, a natter with the other boaters and then off again.

Fairly uneventful until Worcester, we picked up water at Diglis lock, then as we approached the lock entrance into the W&B canal a Black Prince hire boat was coming across the river facing the entrance. He went over to the pontoon, we assumed to drop his crew off. We carried on past, then as we drew level he started going full throttle forwards, then full throttle backwards, then full forwards again heading straight for us. I gestured and shouted “slow down”, the young lad steering didnt seem to hear. His family (there were lots of them!) up the font shouted something, but he kept on coming. If he had hit us broadside at that speed on the river we could have capsized. I shouted “What are you doing?”, he replied “Trying to overtake”. Then an older chap went to the back and they slowed down. We carried on steadily, but about a minute later he came up behind again flat out. We gave him plenty of room and let him past. As he went by he called out “Sorry”.

We moored up by the racecourse next to a Dutch barge that was opposite us at Saul, we were later joined by a narrowboat that was also on the way back from Saul (he was a volunteer in the bar)
We went for a long walk all around the historic bits of Worcester and found a wall marking the flood levels going right back to 1788 !

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