Patch Bridge (again)

We had arranged to meet friends Mo & Jim in the evening at the Tudor Arms Slimbridge so we did a gentle chug back down to Patch bridge. This time we moored on the Sharpness side of the bridge where access is easier. We saw two goosanders on the canal, never seen a goosander before.

Some of Heddi’s friends from school, Rachel & Steve and Tracey came with their small daughters for a visit. Unfortunately the weather changed and it was cold and wet. We took them for a short trip to Purton and back. Steve and I stood outside getting wet, while the women stayed inside warm and dry!

They left at about 12:30, we had lunch then did a few jobs around the boat until the evening when Jim and Mo arrived. We havent seen them for over a year and so the evening was spent catching up on various news. Jim is involved in a Civil War re-enactment, living history, group and, coincidently, was going to be involved in the ‘Tall Ships’ event in Gloucester docks on Saturday. We had orininally thought of leaving Gloucester early Saturday morning, but decided to delay until later in the day so we could see him in action firing a cannon!

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