On the Buses

The problem we had was that we, and the boat, were in Kinver and the car was in Kidderminster. We had consulted the bus timetable for the 580 service to Kidderminster, but we were a little confused as to where we needed to catch the bus. It was further confused because the route had recently been changed due to the extensive road works in Kinver High st.
We weren’t sure which way the bus would come along the High st. The timetable said the stop was outside the Health Centre, but people we asked said it stopped outside the Co-op, which is on the other side of the road.
We decided to believe the timetable and waited outside the Health Centre. At around the right time a bus appeared, but it was going the wrong way, on the other side. Luckily the road works traffic lights turned red and the bus stopped. We dashed across the road and asked the driver if he was going to Kidderminster- he was. He also cleared up the confusion, the bus goes both ways along the High st. It goes one way, then round some houses and comes back the other way.
The ride to Kidderminster was interesting, we were the only fare paying passengers. There were about 10 or so others, but they were all pensioners with bus passes. It was quite a community, everyone knew each other and the driver.

We got to Kidderminster, picked up the car and drove to Stourport to hand in to the BW office the electronic fob for the Roundhill Wharf gate. Then we drove to Kinver, but couldn’t get in the boaters car park as we dont have a key yet. This meant a long walk with all our stuff. Hopefully we will have sorted a key in time for the next visit.

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