Bradford on Avon

8 miles, no locks. We had been in communication with Andrew & Sheila ( Uncle Mort) over the last few days regarding a rendez-vous. The decision was made for them to drive to Bradford on Avon, catch the train to Bath then chug back to Bradford with us. So we walked into Bath to mooch

Bath – Sydney Gardens

At last the wind has dropped. For the last 6 days it’s been blowing a gale, but today it’s calm. We took a last tour around the harbour taking in the sights, topped up with water, had a pumpout ( a very reasonable  £9.20) and headed out of the city.   The Avon valley is

Bristol Harbour

19 miles 13 locks After 4 rivers, 2 canals, 164 miles and 141 locks we have arrived. We set off at 7:30 intending only to go as far as the Sainsbury’s moorings on the Avon in Bath. The weather wasn’t too bad, but fairly windy as we dropped down the Widcombe flight onto the river.


10 miles, 1 lock The weather forecast was for the rain to start around noon and then continue for the rest of the day. So we decided to get up early and get to Bath before the worst of the rain. Unfortunately the rain decided to get up early too! By the time we got


We have been at the campsite with the Davies family for the past two days. They packed up the tent etc this morning and left about 11:00. We carried on towards Bradford on Avon, down the Seend flight. Here we encountered a Foxhangers hire boat crew who seemed to have received woefully inadequate training by

Foxhangers footbridge

1.5 miĺes 21locks We waited at the top until just after 9:00 for grandson Leo to walk up from the campsite. He crewed for us all the way down. Other members of the Davies family joined us at various times over the next two hours. We shared all but the first two locks with an

Devizes Wharf

11.5 miles and 0 locks. Just a very pleasant chug along the 15 mile ‘long pound’ towards Devizes today. We arrived here about 11:30, but didn’t go down the flight as our crew, in the shape of two of our grandsons, is arriving tomorrow evening. We’ll go down the flight on Friday. We encountered quite

Pewsey Wharf

10 locks 7 miles Another earlish start. Up through lock 60, then topped up with water. The water point here must be one of the worst positioned on the whole network! It’s immediately above the lock on the off side, but there is only about 40ft of actual mooring space. So the front of the


6.5 Miles, 13 locks It rained most of the night, but had stopped by dawn. We breakfasted and then were away by 7:30. The locks on this stretch come fairly frequent, about one every half mile. We did them all on own own except for the last two. Many of the bottom gates were leaking

Hardly moved!

Only about 200yds and one lock today. This morning we moved to just above the lock. Below was a 24hr mooring and we wanted to stay another day. Also the mooring above the lock was more conveinent for the work we wanted to do touching up the paintwork on the side. The day was spent