Bristol Harbour

19 miles 13 locks

After 4 rivers, 2 canals, 164 miles and 141 locks we have arrived.

We set off at 7:30 intending only to go as far as the Sainsbury’s moorings on the Avon in Bath.

The weather wasn’t too bad, but fairly windy as we dropped down the Widcombe flight onto the river. Our aim was to moor up outside Sainsbury’s to top up with groceries and then stay there overnight and carry on to Bristol tomorrow. But with all the building work going on, we somehow missed a great big supermarket. By the time that we realised wè had gone too far, so decided to press on to Bristol.

What we had’nt realised was what we thought was ‘rather windy’ was in fact 40mph gale force winds according to the BBC. This made getting into the locks somewhat tricky.

The journey along the Avon was lovely, it really is a beautiful river. After stopping at Netham lock to get our Bristol licence the trip down the feeder canal was in awful conditions gales and heavy rain. On nearing the centre of the city this turned into hail.

Mooring up on the pontoons was tricky, to put it mildly. We are now being tossed about as thoùgh we at sea!

Coming down the feeder canal
New bridge from Castle Park
Approaching Welsh Back and Redcliffe
Our mooring
Today’s route

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