Back up the river I

We had moored JH by Sandfield bridge during the week, so on Saturday afternoon we parked the car where we had left it previously and set off at about 3 o’clock. We got to Gloucester about 5:00. I called the lockie and he said to moor up in the docks as he was waiting for some boats coming down river. We moored up and had a cup of tea in lovely sunshine. I wandered over to the lock in time to see two cruisers coming round the bend. I could see why he was waiting for them, there was no way they would have been able to stop in that current!

We exited the lock and immediately the current hit us. I was going at 1600rpm and hardly making any headway. All up through the narrow winding stretch the engine was working hard but we were doing less than 3mph. I began to think that we (& the engine) cant do this for the next two days. When we reached the parting with the main river it got easier, I reduced to 1400rpm and we were doing 3.0 – 3.2mph. At around 7:00pm the pub moorings at Ashleworth came into view, we decided to stop there as Haw Bridge was nearly another hour away.
Ashleworth is a lovely little place, smashing little country pub (£3.00 for mooring). We wandered round the old Tythe Barn, the church and had a look at Ashleworth Court.
Before we went to bed I noted the river level on the mooring support, so we could see if there was any difference in the morning. At about 4:00am I got up (as you do!) and looked out the window. The level risen about 2 inches, not good! But by the time we set off at 7:30 it was back to the same level as the night before.

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