Stafford Boat Club

We arrived here on Friday morning. Andrew the harbourmaster had spent hours over his intricate mooring plan, which was throw into confusion by the lack of water. Because the levels were really low the deep draughted boats couldn’t moor up close to the side, so they were re-arranged to be on the outside. Also some of the bridgeholes on the approach to the club were so shallow that some boats had difficulty getting through. This was compounded by the coal motor & butty from Wednesday coming past and they also getting stuck in the bridges. Steve Haywood on Justice was delayed for several hours.

We have been here for three days. The weather has been really good which has meant that most of the time has been spent sitting around drinking and nattering.

The gathering has included about 10 boats & crew plus others camping/caravaning. The format has been fairly relaxed with some organised activities, mainly involving eating & drinking.

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