Kinver & back

This is the first opportunty since mid November to go any further than a couple of miles as the BW maintenance stoppages have now finished. We needed a pumpout so it was a choice between Kinver & Stourport. We decided last night that if the weather looked good this morning then it would be Kinver and if not then Stourtport. We awaoke to a sunny morning so it was off to Kinver.

I obviously got my lefts & rights muddled up (yet again) becuase we winded above Hyde Lock and then came back down to the pumpout machine. That meant that the pumpout outlet was now on the water side, not the bank side. It would have been so much easier if we had done it on the way up!

As we needed to be back home tomorrow for Mother’s Day lunch, we carried on back to just below Wolverley lock for the night.

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