Stratford Upon Avon

For almost ten years now Teresa has wanted to arrive in Stratford by boat, well at last we have achieved it! Though it was after a fairly hectic day. We started early and moved up to Evesham lock by about 8:20. The lock is keeper operated and doesnt open until 9:00, so we had our breakfast whilst waiting. We locked through with NB Prometheus from Saul Junction. They were a young family with many years experience of boating on the Avon. The lock keeper told us that heavy rain was expected, with the Environment Agency putting out a severe weather warning. Together with the crew of Prometheus we decided to go non-stop for Stratford where we would be able to get off the river and onto the canal. So it was a longish day pushing hard against the current. We shared all the locks with Prometheus and together we made an efficient team.

The current was strong in some places, but the gauges were in the “green” all the way and when we arrived in Stratford the water was calm and peaceful, so we decided to moor opposite the RSC theatre. It was great atmosphere with lots of people enjoying the sunshine, the trip boats going up and down and people in rowing boats etc.

We went for a wander around the town to find the restaurant where we had booked a table for the evening meal. It was lucky that we didn’t need to get up onto the canal because Bancroft basin was full, with several hire boats arriving and looking for mooring space. The evening was finished off with a meal at Cafe Rouge and another pleasant wander back though the town in the warm evening air.

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