Iced in

We arrived yesterday lunchtime for a quick visit. I wanted to finish off wiring the solar panel in properly, and replace the inline water filter which had split due to the frost.
We were pleased to see that the solar panel had been working OK, the battery was not fully charged, but much better that usual.
The owners of NB Mandarin were onboard, we hadn’t met our neighbours previously. They were replacing the broken window from the break in.
Woke up this morning to a fairly thick (20mm) layer of ice on the canal. We had thought of making a short cruise up to Stourton Jcn, down to Whittington Horse Br and back. Partly to give the engine a run and partly so we could top up the water tank, but with the canal iced up we just went for a walk instead.

The Eberspascher has used about 20 litres of fuel since Christmas so hopefully it’s keeping the frost out.

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