Below Awbridge lock

It rained heavily in the night, but the sky was fairly clear by daybreak. We had a lazy start with tea in bed at 7:30. I got up at 8:00 to do a few chores around the boat whilst the others got dressed, showered etc. We left the mooring at around 9:00. As we hadn’t topped up the water since early August we stopped at Stewponey and filled the tank. It was just gone 10:00 when we finally started the journey. The weather was much more pleasant that we had expected. Quite a few boats about but no queues. At about 11:30 we stopped for a cooked breakfast just above Rocky lock.
Unfortunately while we were having breakfast a rather slow boat passed which we then followed until they winded just below Bratch. We went up to wind just below Dimmingsdale lock and then came back to below Awbridge lock for the night. The fire was lit so it was lovely and cosy for an evening of food, wine and Rumikub.

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